Persepsi Masyarakat Desa Mengesta dan Desa Penebel dalam Melaksanakan UMKM

  • Ni Nyoman Parwati Jurusan Pendidikan Matematika FMIPA UNDIKSHA
  • I Made Mariawan Jurusan Pendidikan Fisika FMIPA UNDIKSHA


The purpose of the community service program in Penebel Village and Mengesta Village are to produce
descriptions of various food products, and to describe the perception of the community in the implementation of
UMKM. The method of program implementation is qualitative descriptive method. The collected data are analyzed
descriptively and qualitatively. The results of the program are: abon, naget, and catfish meatballs produced by
poklasar in Penebel Village are of good quality. Red rice, black and white / brown rice, and red rice tea produced
by farmers' groups in Mengesta Village are of good quality. Farmer groups in Mengesta Village in an effort to
maintain product quality was implement organic farming system by applying local wisdom in the form of Tri Hita
Karana philosophy. Public perception in the implementation of UMKM is 83% have a "positive" minimum
perception. This information indicating that, the public interest to develop UMKM is very high. However, many
things that need to be refined, especially innovation of regional superior products using touches of technology that
is likely to compete in the global market.

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