Pemberdayaan ‘Reflective Model’ dalam Pelatihan Penelitian Tindakan Sekolah

  • Putu Kerti Nitiasih Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, FBS, Undiksha


Some miscarriages exist as the result of a common training strategy for school principle made
Reflective Model choosen to train schoolprinciples at West Manggarai, Flores. This community
Services aimed at giving training to school principals and supervisor of elementary school in West
Manggarai, Flores about Action Research by implementing reflective model. The result of the training
could improve the ability of supervisors and school principles in : (1) determining the school problem
under their supervision, (2) determining the treatment for the identified problems,(3) designing an
action research proposal and implementing the proposal as a part of their proffesionalism as school
principals and school supervisors. The result of this cummunity services could also increase the ability
of school principals and school supervisors to give appropriate information about action research that
finally could motivate them to do a classroom action research for their teaching as a part of their
teaching proffesionalism.

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