Stratifikasi Sosial pada Masyarakat Pedesaan di Jawa Abad ke-19

  • Effendi Wahyono Program Studi D-4 KearsipanFakultas Hukum, Ilmu Sosialdan Ilmu Politik Univeritas Terbuka


The social stratification of rural Javanese community in the 19th century was largely depended on the land. This study aims to analize the social stratification in Javanese society on the 19th century by using the method of history. The source used was the primary source in the form of archives and newspaper reports of its time. The sources that were found later constructed into historical narratives. The findings indicated that the the Javanese community in the 19th-century socially was not a homogeneous society, but a complexly deformed society in land ownership patterns. Land tenure determined the social stratification of the owner. The social classes of rural communities were divided into two classes which were interdependent in symbiotic relationships. The two classes were landowners and landless classes. The landowner class was subdivided into two or three levels, depending on the type and the extent of land occupied.

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