Management of Boundary Areas Based on Nyamabraya Values

  • I Gede Astra Wesnawa Jurusan Pendidikan Geografi FHIS UNDIKSHA
  • I Gede Sudirta Jurusan PKK FTK UNDIKSHA


This research was conducted in Bali Province with the aim to produce model of management of land border area based on concept of nyamabraya. With the concept of local wisdom, conflicts in the border areas of provinces, districts, and villages in Bali can be avoided or minimized, resulting in the territorial stability and even the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia remains sustainable. In particular, the objectives of the Year I research are: (1) to identify socio-cultural characteristics of the community in the management of the land border areas; (2) to identify and analyze local government policies in the management of terrestrial border areas; and (3) to analyze and synthesise aspects of the development of the management model Land border areas. To achieve these objectives, then conducted research by using research paradigm development of prototypical type studies combined with reflective analysis method. Research data collected by observation technique, documentation, interview, then analyzed qualitatively. Result of research: (1) socio-cultural characteristics of community in the management of land border area, (2) local government policy in the management of land border area, and (3) aspects of development model of land border area management

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WESNAWA, I Gede Astra; SUDIRTA, I Gede. Management of Boundary Areas Based on Nyamabraya Values. Seminar Nasional Riset Inovatif, [S.l.], v. 5, p. 116-124, nov. 2017. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 aug. 2019.