Penataan Data Penduduk Sebagai Basis Penyusunan Kebijakan Kependudukan Skala Mikro Di Banjar Ancak Kuta Selatan

  • I Made Sarmita Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha


The Community Service Program of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences Undiksha 2018 was held in Banjar Ancak, South Kuta District. The Banjar Ancak neighborhood, the population dynamics are so high due to the swiftness of migrants towards this region. This requires the recording of population data which must be continuously updated as the basis for the preparation of population programs at the banjar level. So far the recording of population data has been carried out but has not been well organized and has not followed demographic rules. Therefore, the arrangement of population data can be done through the Community Service Program. Specific goals and targets to be achieved in this activity are: (1) increase knowledge of the banjar / apparatus of the banjar about the vitality of population data as the basis for the preparation of micro-scale population policy programs at the banjar level; (2) provide skills to banjar / apparatus officials in structuring population data by presenting them in an infographic form in accordance with demographic rules. To achieve this goal, an empowerment approach is used by applying the full participatory principle of the target group. The empowerment method applied is varied, namely: socialization methods, technical guidance / training, and FGD. The success of this program is seen from: (1) Improving partner understanding related to the vitality of population data, (2) Skills of partners in organizing and presenting population data into various forms of practical and easy-to-understand infographics, (3) Positive responses from the two related partners the implementation of PKM, and in the future is expected to be returned by partners to assist them in analyzing and planning population programs based on population data that has been compiled.


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