• Effendi Wahyono
  • Nurul Huda
  • Nurul Huda


As an agricultural country, the role of agricultural extension institution in Indonesia is very
important for agricultural development. The institution has existed since the colonial
period. However, to what extend is the historical development and the main tasks of
agricultural extension institutions in the colonial period in Indonesia? This study was
intended to determine: (1) the birth history of agricultural extension institutions, and (2) the
duties and functions of agricultural extension institutions.This study was conducted using
the historical research method. There were four stages to be carried out in the study of
history, those are heuristic, criticism, interpretation, and historiography. Sources used in
this study was the colonial archives, articles, and news in contemporary magazines or
newspapers.The findings indicated that a functional, agricultural extension institution was
formed in 1911 under the name of Landbouw voolichtingsdienst or agricultural extension
department under the Ministry of Agriculture (Departement van Landbouw). However, after
going through various changes, the structure of the institution was newly formed in 1920,
under the Agriculture Section, Department of Agriculture, Craft and Trade, based in
Bogor. At the local level, agricultural extension institutions were divided into seven
agricultural areas in Java and five agricultural areas outside Java, each headed by a
senior instructor. After the formation of provinces in Java, agricultural extension authorities
handed over to the provinces, in this case the agricultural extension services of provincial
and local government institutions underneath. The main task of the department of
agricultural extension was to develop indigenous agriculture.

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