• Natalia Magdalena R. Mamulak


East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), particularly the city of Kupang is one of the goals in continuing
higher education. Based on the survey results of the last 3 years at several universities in
the city were approximately 55% is derived from Democrato Republic of Timor Leste (East
Timor). Colloquially people of East Timor are Tetum so in education in Indonesia is very
difficult to interact with the local community, fellow students and the process of teaching and
learning activities. Based on the results of interviews with 30 people students active from
several universities, said that the main obstacle is the Indonesian leading to the longer travel
time education. Therefore, it needs to be made android based dictionary Tetum making it
easier for students to understand the Indonesian East Timor.
The method used in this study is the Unified Process. This research was conducted in
several stages of system development begins with a literature study on the various
references relating to research conducted. Further data collection by conducting interviews
and surveys related constraints experienced by students from East Timor during the lectures
and interaction with local people and fellow students. The next step is to analyze the system
and make the system requirements specification to determine the needs of the developed
system. Once the analysis stage is done, the next step is to design the system and create a
description of software design in order to obtain a detailed picture of the system to be
developed. The next stage is to make program information system (coding).
Results from this study will generate a Tetum-Indonesian dictionary based on Android that
will help students RDTL communication with local communities and fellow students using

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