Patterns Investigation as a Pre-Algebraic Activity

  • Ratih Ayu Apsari
  • F.H.J van Galen


Algebra is commonly taught as a mathematics topic in secondary school. It is acknowledged as a
gatekeeper of all high school mathematics (Brawner, 2012) due to its relation to other branches of
mathematics. However, many students worldwide had been struggling in learning algebra
(Capraro&Joffrion, 2006; Egodawatte, 2011; Jupri, Drijvers, & van den Heuvel-Panhuizen 2014).
Studies have pointed out that at least part of the problems in learning algebra are caused by the
lack connections between algebra and arithmetic, the mathematics which is supposed to be prerequisite
knowledge (Dekker &Dolk, 2011). Hence, pre-algebraic activitiesare needed to fill the
gap. The current study is aimed to design a learning trajectory which can provide a smoother
bridge between arithmetic and algebra. The paper is a part of a larger study which has employed
design research as its method. The study shows that pattern investigations can be used to
prepare elementary students to generalize a series. This will be helpful when they learn algebra in
secondary school.

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