• Sariyasa Sariyasa


The ultimate goal of this research was to produce teaching material of plane geometry for
junior high school in Bali. A development study was conducted which was expected to run
over a period of three years. It followed Plomp‘s development model with five phases, i.e. (a)
preliminary investigation, (b) design, (c) realization/construction, (d) test, evaluation, and
revision, and (e) implementation. In the first year, only preliminary investigation and design
phases were done. Need assessment, analysis of situation, and theoretical review were
conducted in the first phase. In the design phase, a possible solution to the problems found
in the previous phase was formulated. The data were collected through interview and
questionnaire given to 36 junior high school mathematics teachers selected from four
regencies in Bali. The data reveal that one of the problems is teachers‘ difficulties in
delivering geometry instruction. This is partly due to the unavailability of appropriate learning
media. Computer-aided learning is a promising solution to this problem. Using dynamic
mathematics software, it is possible to establish learning environment so students can
construct geometry concepts and fully engage in the learning process. Based on this, it is
decided to develop teaching material equipped with media created using dynamic geometry
software. The media are limited to certain topics in plane geometry. The teaching material
has some features: it contains more contextual pictures and problems, describes the use of
geometry concept in daily life, provides in school and out of school activities (paper folding
activities, geogebra activities), presents geometry proofs in the form of narrative, two
column, and diagram proof. This teaching material will be realized and be tested in the last
three phases of Plomp model.

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