Development of Social Skill Scale

  • Sri Budyartati


Many social skills may be learned implicitly, all children can benefit from being taught social
skills explicitly, not only children who are developmentally lagging behind their peers. Social
skills are not always learned easily. Some children may require repeated instruction and
reinforcement of learning. It is also possible for children to have well-developed social skills in
one area but not in another.
The primary objective of the Social Skill Scale (SSS) is to describe the child's behavior for
purposes of socialization and education, rather than diagnosis. It focuses on the child's
adaptation to and functioning within his or her environment which is particularly relevant to
teachers. The SSS helps teachers design classroom interventions that address both the
child's strengths and weaknesses.
It includes 115 items that can be completed in just 15 minutes by Early Childhood, a
preschool, or Kindergarten teacher. These items cover Three basic scales and ten
components or summary scales

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