The Effectiveness of Footwork Exercises to Improve Agility in Badminton

  • Ari Subarkah
  • Ika Novitaria Marani
  • Nurfitranto Nurfitranto


To be able to play badminton well, an athlete should have good agility which is can help performance in badminton activities during the game that requires changing direction quickly. And to be able to make motion changes direction quickly in badminton game requires good footwork. By having good footwork, players can return the shuttlecock properly and efficiently. Therefore, this study aims to determine the effectiveness of footwork training in improving agility. The sample of this research is 30 college students, by using an experimental of pretest and posttest design. Instrument test of this study was used shuttle run test. The result of this study shows that footwork exercises can improve agility, which can be seen from the value of t count (4.17) > t table (2.14). So, it can be concluded that to improve the agility of badminton athletes can be given footwork training.

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SUBARKAH, Ari; MARANI, Ika Novitaria; NURFITRANTO, Nurfitranto. The Effectiveness of Footwork Exercises to Improve Agility in Badminton. Proceeding ICOPESH (International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health), [S.l.], p. 14-17, may 2020. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 july 2021.