Sport Imagery Training

A Literature Review

  • Gede Eka Budi Darmawan
  • Gede Doddy Tisna MS


Success in sports training is to achieve a feat that is to be maximized. Athletes need to do mental training who systematic, that is part cannot be separated from the course of practice sports in general (physical, engineering and psychologically). Sport imagery training is one of the methods used in mental training. The exercise of imagery, if it is undertaken by the right program, can be a useful tool to prepare sportsmen in performing an movement, new skills, increase the concentration, improved the motivation, build their confidence, as well as, strategy preparation for the strengthening of the sport reducing pain and recovery after injury. Imagery in sports events can be used before and after exercise, before and after the game, during the time a break in training and the competition, during the time person at official outdoor exercise and the recovery of an injury.

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DARMAWAN, Gede Eka Budi; MS, Gede Doddy Tisna. Sport Imagery Training. Proceeding ICOPESH (International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health), [S.l.], p. 22-25, may 2020. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 july 2021.