Picture Card Media of Pencak Silat Basic Technique On Subject of Physical Education, Sport, and Health in Curriculum 2013

  • I Gede Suwiwa Ganesha University of Education
  • I Ketut Budaya Astra Ganesha University of Education
  • Peby Gunarto Ganesha University of Education



21st Century skills or termed with 4C (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, also the Creativity and Innovation) are the real abilities that want to be addressed by the Curriculum 2013. It becomes a necessity for all study programs at the education unit level to conduct the 21st century learning process in order to create an atmosphere of learning towards achieving the objectives of the curriculum 2013. Learning PJOK (sertakan kepanjangannya, jika dalam Bahasa Indonesia harap ditulis cetak miring) in curriculum 2013 9study is carried out based on an interactive, inspiring, fun, challenging, motivating the students to actively participate, contextual, and collaborative, providing sufficient space for the initiative, creativity, independence of students, learning based on talent, interests, the development of physical and psychological students’ ability. Curriculum 2013 has been equipped with student textbooks and teacher textbooks. However, in activity-based learning, media are needed to assist the learning process. Picture media are the media that contain messages in the form of writing, letters, pictures, and symbols containing meanings to convey a message of Pencak Silat. Picture Card Media of Pencak Silat basic technique is interpreted as a combination of several writings, letters in delivering information in the form of text about Pencak Silat theory, pictures that present basic technical movements in Pencak Silat. Media Card illustrated Pencak Silat technique works for teaching materials in learning martial arts. This combination can facilitate the learning process of Pencak Silat which contains a lot of conceptual and procedural knowledge. Therefore, activity-based learning of 2013 can be achieved optimally.

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SUWIWA, I Gede; ASTRA, I Ketut Budaya; GUNARTO, Peby. Picture Card Media of Pencak Silat Basic Technique On Subject of Physical Education, Sport, and Health in Curriculum 2013. Proceeding ICOPESH (International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health), [S.l.], p. 31-36, may 2020. Available at: <https://eproceeding.undiksha.ac.id/index.php/icopesh/article/view/1963>. Date accessed: 26 july 2021.