Using Self-Recorded Video to Enhance Students’ Sepak Takraw Skills

  • I Ketut Semarayasa Ganesha University of Education
  • I Nyoman Sudarmada Ganesha University of Education


Self-recorded video has been regarded as a technique to enhance students’ learning achievement. However, there are few researches demonstrating how self-recorded video could facilitate students' learning in sepak takraw. Drawing from a case study, this paper describes how self-recorded video enhanced the students’ sepak takraw performance. The participants of the study were four students taking sepak takraw course. The research methods used were observation and interview. Data were collected from administering non-participant observation and interview. The results showed that self-recorded video could enhance the students' sepak takraw skills as it provided the students with more opportunities to assess and re-assess their performance. This paper gives insight for sports teachers to apply a videotaped project to facilitate students to gain their good performance.

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SEMARAYASA, I Ketut; SUDARMADA, I Nyoman. Using Self-Recorded Video to Enhance Students’ Sepak Takraw Skills. Proceeding ICOPESH (International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health), [S.l.], p. 37-39, may 2020. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 july 2021.