Exertional Heat Stroke

  • Ni Nyoman Mestri Agustini Ganesha University of Education
  • Ni Luh Kadek Alit Arsani Ganesha University of Education


Heat stroke is a life-threatening condition. High body temperature results in thermoregulatory failure, which results in organ failure. Heat stroke can be divided into exertional and classical. Exertional heat strokes generally occur in young individuals involved in long-term strenuous activities in a hot environment. Exertional heat stroke, in soccer athletes in the United States, found an incidence of 46 exertional heat strokes from 1995 to 2010. Heat strokes are severe health-related illness. Health-related illnesses are largely preventable, and health workers can take good action to maintain the patient's condition. Prevention of heat stroke can be done by maintaining hydration and replacing lost electrolytes, the use of appropriate clothing and adaptation to the environment. If the patient is already in a condition of heat stroke, it is necessary to establish a diagnosis that is fast and immediately cooled to prevent metabolic damage which can lead to cell damage to death

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