Implementasi Load Balancing Pada Openstack dengan Metode Round Robin

  • I Made Aga Satya Darma
  • I Gede Oka Gartria Atitama


The path of data exchange on the network what if it gets a lot of requests then the possibility of the occurrence of Overload is very risky, many overcome by increasing the Bandwidth on the path of data exchange on the network. But the way it can not be called a reliable solution, given the increasing number of users and more and more requests entered into the server. Load Balancing by Round Robin method is one of the techniques of distributing the traffic load to two or more connection lines in a balanced way, by dividing the loads in sequence and rotating, in order to get optimal traffic, maximize throughput, and avoid overload on one connection path. Because all processes have the same interests so that there are no priorities, then Load Balancing is one of the best solutions to use as a way out of the problem. Or when one of the connection path to the server is interrupted then Load Balancing can divert the user to another server as an alternative destination. With this project then problems such as server down and slow connection when the number of user requests at the same time will be resolved, because the project has been implemented Load Balancing using Round Robin algorithm. And got the average result that is for throughput 3,969,328 kbps then for response time 18,860 ms. With this method internet connection will be faster because the concept of Load Balancing with Round Robin method is to share the average load connection, so the server can complete many requests from the user at the time bersaman without experiencing overload.

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DARMA, I Made Aga Satya; ATITAMA, I Gede Oka Gartria. Implementasi Load Balancing Pada Openstack dengan Metode Round Robin. Seminar Nasional Pendidikan Teknik Informatika (SENAPATI), [S.l.], n. 7, sep. 2017. ISSN 2548-4265. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 july 2021.